How to remove chewing gum from clothes

How to remove chewing gum from clothes
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chewing-gumHaving a chewing gum stuck to jeans is one of the most disgusting things that either. But there are always times where we face such situations which are still very annoying. So if you have a chewing gum stuck to your pants, here are some tips that can help you get rid of.

The cold solution
The cold hardens chewing gum and then it will be easier to take off the garment with a spoon for example. So you can use an ice cube to do this: rub the ice against the chewing gum. Or you can take the radical solution: put your clothes in a freezer. Then you do the same as mentioned above with a spoon.

Then, if there is a stain after you have removed the little beast with cold, made use of a nail polish remover. Or a hot white vinegar. Simply soak a cotton ball with the product and rub it on the remaining stain. You will see that chewing gum will be dissolved. And disappears.



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