How to remove pet hair off the couch?

How to remove pet hair off the couch?
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Yes, you love your pets and sometimes, you welcome them on the couch. But there is a little glitch: they will leave a few hairs that prove their passages. And if you do not want to quarrel with your wife, you should clean it as soon as possible.

The simple and effective way to remove dog, cat or other pet off the sofa is to rub it with a used tight or stocking. You will see that the hair of your pet will stay into the nylon mesh. Finally, you will find your sofa intact again.

Nevertheless, if this is not enough or it is not efficient, you have another alternative. You will take an empty spray bottle, mix fabric softener and water with equal parts and put it into the bottle. But you should first make a test on a discreet surface of the sofa to see if it will not do something bad. We never know. If you see that it’s ok, spray this mixture on the sofa. After that, rub it with an antistatic cloth to clean the hair left on it. You will see that no more hair is left on it.



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