Beeswax: natural deodorant for underarms

Beeswax: natural deodorant for underarms
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beeswaxNowadays, deodorants that are sold in stores are often known to contain chemicals that are harmful to health. They may contain parabens, antibacterial, petrochemicals, aluminum and even PEG. But the results of different studies confirm that aluminum is mostly responsible for most cases of breast cancer today. So why use products that affect our health? There are deodorants that are quite natural, that are healthy and which are very effective. Why not use them?


Then, know that beeswax, mixed with a little oil can be a very effective deodorant. Simply melt the beeswax, take 3 tablespoons of it and mix with 1 tablespoon of cocoa butter and voila! To do this more efficiently and easily, put the two ingredients together in a glass and take a bath in boiling water. Then, put 50 drops of essential oil of lavender, rosemary and thyme in the white mixture. Finally, 3 drops of castor oil to finish. Allow to cool before using. You will see that this is a very effective deodorant and natural. And I think we can also use the same mixture for foot odor. Try it.

There are many benefits of bees and their “accessories” but I spoke only of its ability to eliminate underarm odor. That is why it is very important to preserve these small insects that are both beneficial and quills.




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