Pregnancy Checklist: What To Do When Pregnant


1. Know the common symptoms If you are feeling a bit off lately, or more specifically, as though your body has been overtaken by a force that distorts, swells, discomforts, exhausts, nauseates, and leaves little to reason, then do not

How to remove chewing gum from clothes


Having a chewing gum stuck to jeans is one of the most disgusting things that either. But there are always times where we face such situations which are still very annoying. So if you have a chewing gum stuck to

How to sleep better?


Currently, insomnia is a problem that affects many people. There are many factors that may be the cause. But generally, the main cause is the lack of good practice to follow to permit us to have good sleep. Then, know

How to remove ink stains out of clothes or leathers

sexy inks

How to remove ink stains out of clothes or leathers? Most of the time, it is not easy to remove ink stains on the clothes of our children or on the sofa. If we try to wash them with soap and

How to remove pet hair off the couch?


Yes, you love your pets and sometimes, you welcome them on the couch. But there is a little glitch: they will leave a few hairs that prove their passages. And if you do not want to quarrel with your wife,

Beeswax: natural deodorant for underarms


Nowadays, deodorants that are sold in stores are often known to contain chemicals that are harmful to health. They may contain parabens, antibacterial, petrochemicals, aluminum and even PEG. But the results of different studies confirm that aluminum is mostly responsible

How to clean a silver jewelry and make it shinning and sparkling again?

silver jewelry

If you have silver jewelry, you will certainly notice that, over the time, it tends to blacken and fade. But don’t panic! You can always remake it shinny and sparkly.  Below are three ways that you can use to realize